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Xiaomi teases flagship that is ‘as thin as paper’

Xiaomi Teaser

Xiaomi is a company that’s recently taken off in a way that’s caught many off guard. The Chinese company is now teasing its latest flagship, which is slated to be announced in three days on January 15. The teasers are fill in the blank puzzles, which are easy enough. They say: “As (thin) as paper”, “The (bigger) the better”, and “As (clear) as a bell”. Or at least, that’s the logical conclusion from the blank spaces.

What we’re expecting seems like fairly standard flagship fare. A device that’s large, thin, and equipped with a high-res display. It’ll also likely be stuffed with plenty of high-end specs, likely a quad or octa-core processor, 3GB RAM, and a battery big enough to keep the juice flowing all day long. A good camera is also a safe bet. Long story short, Xiaomi has a powerful new flagship on the way that likely won’t grab our attention for long.

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Source: Xiaom (Facebook)

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  • hp420

    It’s obviously hinting at making a clone of this tablet here…duh!!


    • hp420

      btw, most of the technology involved in making that tablet is already in existence…so as much as I’m kidding, it’s not totally impossible.

  • ObviousMan

    This is where we all get to fill in the blanks.

    As FLAMMABLE as paper.

    The STIFFER the better.

    As HEAVY as a bell.