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12 reasons why the Nexus 6 is a better smartphone than the iPhone 6 Plus

Our friends over at PhoneDog have produced an excellent video detailing 12 reasons why the Nexus 6 is a better smartphone than the iPhone 6 Plus. The reasons they include range from the physical build of the phone and how it feels in the hand to the subtleties of the Android operating system. Do you agree? Any reasons they left out? Let us know.

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  • Dirty Budha

    Bias much?

    • Logan Abbott

      It’s not our video, it’s PhoneDog’s.

      • Dirty Budha

        Which is fair to say and I wasn’t directing it at Android & Me, but why post their bias video? I’m just curious.

        • Tangent

          For the same reason an Apple site will tend to show a video with 12 reasons why the iPhone is better than anything else. This isn’t exactly unusual…

  • jump

    There are more better smartphones than iPhone 6. When it comes to choosing a quality phone, you must always check its battery, processor and camera.

  • Nolan

    Bias? You’re watching it on an android centric site and a video that typically reviews android phones. Yes, bias by design.

  • Rebecca

    The best reason to buy Nexus 6 according to me is faster charging with quick charge 2.0 charger that can give up to 8 hours of talk time in just 15 minutes of charging.

  • Ikanile S.

    Maybe even more than 12.. Totally agree! http://versus.com/en/google-nexus-6-vs-apple-iphone-6-plus

  • Pawel

    Nexus 6 Camera has more mega pixels. Come on guys, are you serious?

  • fab

    …for me one reason is enough – NEVER buy something from that icompany

  • RoadXY

    The comparison between the CPU’s makes no sense.
    A speed comparison of the same game on both platforms and general speed in the os is the better benchmark.
    A 500kg car with 350hp can be quite faster than a 2000kg car with 500hp.

    Same goes for the memory:
    Since garbage collection in iOS is done during compilation by analyzing the code and freeing the memory if a variable isn’t used anymore, it is more expensive on the CPU.
    This is called ARC.

  • sanjay

    Well, it WOULD be a better phone if you could buy one.

  • Denise

    Nexus 6 – do NOT have anything to do with this phone if you are on the SPRINT Network – if it’s on the LTE setting – you send a text and it will be received on the other end 3-6 TIMES!!!! and on LTE – you may or May NOT get incoming or be able to make out going phone calls – Sprint is Blaming EVERYONE except themselves.