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7 Reasons why Android 5.0 Lollipop is better than iOS 8!

Our friends over at PhoneDog have released a new video outlining 7 reasons why Android 5.0 Lollipop is better than iOS 8. Do you agree? Are there any reasons they left out? Let us know in the comments.

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  • jerrbomb

    Android fanatics don’t need any reasons as to why Android 5.0 (lollipop) is better than iOS 8.. Lol it speaks for its self. Just saying.. Lol anyone who needs a reason clearly has doubts.

    • Andy

      Who cares if it is 1000x better… Earlier lollipop got bugs more like rushed job and 6 month on my xperia z1 and my note 4 still waiting for it…..no i dont want overhyped nexus phone

      • Dalle

        Over hyped? Nexus is not over hyped at all

        • Subx

          Oh yes it is!

      • Cami007

        Hahahaha you are absolutely right, specially when IOS is bug free right out of the box, I can’t remember any bugs been published on IOS 6, 7 or 8, I’m probably an I-sheep.

        • Tangent

          Seriously? It’s as recent as iOS 8.1 that killed people’s cell service, badly drained batteries, made WiFi buggy. iOS 8.0.1 was even pulled entirely because it caused such major problems for so many people…

  • Harry

    Dude seriously… I was looking for some features… and the first reason this guy comes up with Open Source and Customization… what a load of crap? Sounds like an iPhone user being asked to write why Android is better while a gun is being held at the poor guy’s head.

    Here are few features/reasons that make sense.

    1. Multi User support. The video also mentions this, but I can tell you a use case, My brother uses a dual sim Moto G2, his wife’s phone died, he simply put her SIM in the vacant slot, logged her into her own profile, and she was able to use his phone as if it were her own.

    2. Better Keyboards. iOS default keyboard is sad, they have never heard of small case letters. Third party keyboard implementation is buggy, and does not “just work”

    3. Sharing of Media between Apps. In Android all apps are created equal. You can pick an image from Whatsapp, and share it to Facebook. You can pick a yahoo mail attachment, and send it using gmail.

    • Roselyn Donnell

      Can i phone people Swype? LOL! People see me swyping and our like what are you doing? My choice is Android. My actual 1st ever smart phone was this HTC windows phone. It was so cool it had a tilted screen and a slide out keyboard. Than I went to the HTC EVO and have had every one leading up to he HTC One M7 and now the M8. I love Android!

      • Tangent

        Not sure about Swype, but it supports SwiftKey. (I have an iPhone 5S that my work provided) I’m truly hoping that SwiftKey for iOS is different than it is for Android (I use Swype on my personal HTC M8) because on iOS it sucks. Getting to punctuation and symbols is inconvenient, you only have a lower case or initial caps option, no shiftlock, and it’s just not as accurate or responsive as Swype is on Android. It is however still a big improvement over the stock iOS keyboard.

    • Roselyn Donnell

      Sorry I don’t have Lollipop yet still waiting I was just stating in general how Android is better than IOS in my opinion. Hoping to get Lollipop soon! I still think Android Rocks though!

  • Diabsoud

    Computing has always been about needs. Android being better than iOS 8 is irrelevant at this point as most users are accustomed and perhaps comfortable with their ecosystem.

    I think at the end of the day, most users are not thinking about which is better, but which best suits their needs. When a person switches it’s usually because some need wasn’t being met.

    Different doesn’t mean better. Android has options that lots of users, like myself, find useful. iOS users seem quite comfortable with what they have. Let it go… people will choose what they want.

    • Jose

      Thank you! fan wars are so annoying.
      android fanatics being the worst (I use to be one)
      I’m with iPhone now, but really I am glad — I no longer spend my time trying to prove an ecosystem is superior to the other.

      I’ve stuck and have learned to huge admiration for Apple mainly because they’ve gotten their ecosystem more completed with backwards compatibility with design and others things with OS X – they really go hand in hand.
      And now you have manufacturers like Samsung whom only feel they should create their own “copy” of Handoff.
      As handoff implies, for android fans to think they are superior – it sure says a lot still when your largest manufacturer struggles so hard still to either be or compete with Apple.

  • Lance

    I lost my nexus 6 on NyE. Bought an iPhone 6 plus. Siri and me trying to download zip files makes me really want to have my nexus back. I’m probably going to buy one soon.

  • christian

    i think that android and ios are good i have both but prefer ios for the sumple fact that evry year we get updates same day that my ipad gets it my iphone and my mac also get it on android ive been waithing for my update for six month allready and if the company that your with or bettr yet the brand dnt fell like sendind it then i guess your stuck or end up buying anither unit to stay up to date i think its not fare basically android is making you.buy a new cell evry year and that sucks