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Inateck BK1002E Bluetooth keyboard review

Inateck BK10002E Bluetooth keyboard 1

Bluetooth keyboards are a dime a dozen, and like with many products these days, people tend to cheap out and get poor quality items. But what else is one to do on a budget? Inateck has, so far, been a great manufacturer of budget Android accessories, and the BK1002E Bluetooth keyboard is no different.


Inateck BK1002E Bluetooth keyboard
Price: $16.99
Where to buy: Amazon
Bluetooth version: 3.0
Batteries: 2 AAA
Battery life: up to 60 days


Obviously, this keyboard was modeled after an Apple keyboard. Well, modeled is the nice word for it. But the design is proven and pretty, so I can’t complain there. Plus, it’ll match any Apple products you may own, and provide the proper functionality to boot. It is advertised specifically for Apple users, so copying isn’t necessarily a bad thing in this case.

The front has the main keys, along with hot keys at the top. There’s also a battery light to warn you of a low battery.

Inateck BK10002E Bluetooth keyboard 2

The back has the on and off switch and connect button, along with the door for the battery compartment that houses the two AAA batteries that should give you up to 60 days of continuous use.

Build quality

For a $17 keyboard, I was very impressed by the build quality. The keyboard is very light and made completely out of plastic, though not the best plastic. There’s quite a bit of flex to this keyboard, thought it never feels like it’ll break. You’ll need to be deliberately bending it to get it to flex, as during normal use it’s perfectly solid. I doubt it would get damaged in a bag during travel

The keys feel surprisingly consistent and well made. The travel is short, similar to the original Apple keyboards, with a quiet click. The actuation is good without any missed key presses or problems of any sort. As a devout user of mechanical keyboards, I was pleased with the performance of this keyboard for its thinness and price.


This keyboard uses Bluetooth 3.0 to connect to any device with keyboard support, so it can be used with Macs, PCs, Android and iOS devices and other devices. My review is of course of its functionality with the Android operating system, but it can be used for many other things.

The connection quality is nothing to complain about. The delay between hitting a key and having the letter show up on the Android device is very minor and I haven’t had any drops in signal.

In terms of Android specific features, there are none. You’ll find that the escape key is the home button, command + tab will switch tasks, and there are a few more generic shortcuts built into Android. Of course there are no dedicated Android buttons, but there are function buttons at the top that work with Android… kinda. The audio and playback buttons definitely work as they should, but the brightness buttons don’t. It’s hit and miss, as expected. Luckily, the sleep button works, and waking the device is as easy as hitting the space bar.


Ever used an Apple wireless keyboard? I’m sure you have, almost everyone has. That’s what you should expect from this keyboard, though the keys feel somewhat different. The angle of the keyboard is comfortable, the keys are well sized, and the keyboard is generally comfortable to use. It’s no ergonomic keyboard, but it does well.

Inateck BK1002E Bluetooth keyboard8 / 10

Inateck BK10002E Bluetooth keyboard 3

This keyboard is perfect for throwing in your bag for travel. It connects to any Bluetooth enabled device, so it’ll always be useful. If you need to type something long up on the go, whip out your Android device and fire up the keyboard. This entire review was written on a Galaxy Note 4 and this keyboard.

The battery life is pretty good (and it runs on AAA batteries you can get anywhere), the build quality is pretty good, the keyboard is fairly comfortable, and the price is excellent. If you need a Bluetooth keyboard on a budget, this is definitely a good option. And if you’re not a fan of the Apple styling, Inateck offers a few other styles for other prices.

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