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MoboRobo 3.0 App Review (Sponsored)


A couple of weeks ago, I was asked to do a review on a recently updated Android application called MoboRobo. It was an application that I haven’t heard of before, so whenever I agreed to do the review I knew I would be going into this without any thoughts about it whatsoever. I didn’t know what it did or what its purpose was in the slightest, so I’d like to think that my review of this particular application is as unbiased as they come.

In order to get the most use out of MoboRobo, you can download the application MoboMarket onto your phone and then you download the desktop software (only available for Windows users). After I downloaded MoboMarket on my phone and opened it up, I was first bombarded with a list of “must-have” applications that the app recommend me to download.


Then you’re greeted with a sidebar that shows you your phone’s performance, gives you easy access to an App Manager, MoboRobo Tools, and “More” (which include Settings, About, and Messages).


If you press the RAM booster, MoboMarket does some quick clean-up work to try and make your phone run faster. In my case, it told me that my Moto X now runs 28% faster. That was super easy. Next to that, you have the option for optimizing your Startup time. I pressed that expecting it to be just as easy, but as it turns out you need root access to optimize your start-up. I wasn’t all that bummed about it, but I think it could be off-putting to a lot of people to find out they need root access for an application that’s supposed to make smartphone performance and management easier.


I decided to poke around the rest of the app before connecting the device to my PC, just to see what all it offered without the PC management. MoboRobo seems to be keen on getting you to check out applications quite a bit, and have separated these applications into a lot of categories. “Games Within 10MB”, “Best Games of 2014”, “Best of the Week”, “Only for Girls”, and a strange one only titled “Kill ‘Him’”. There’s also a “Featured” section, which features a mix of games and applications you’d probably see in a featured section in Google’s Play Store, and a “Rankings” section, which shows you which apps are most popular.

MoboRobo also gives you access to a Download Manager, which shows you which apps you have that need updating and allow you to update them from the MoboMarket app itself. However, I’ve found that it’s easier and faster to do the updates through Google Play Store. The only way I would find this convenient is if you were already using MoboMarket for another reason and just decided that it was a good time to update applications. If nothing else, it is good at keeping you notified of what needs to be updated.

Aside from apps and optimization, MoboMarket also makes customization of your phone somewhat easy with a few options. There are wallpapers you can download, or for even further customization you could download MoboMarket’s launcher and download a theme. I went ahead and downloaded the launcher to see how it works, and uploaded a theme. The launcher is pretty snappy (lags a bit, but I’m also using a smartphone that’s over a year old at this point) but the themes aren’t something I’d consider writing home about. They look alright, though. It’s nice for having to put almost zero effort into it.


That’s about all there is to it when it comes to the actual smartphone application, now we move on to the desktop application.

Download and set-up of the desktop software was easy. When you start up the application, it will ask you to connect your phone either by plugging your phone in or by scanning a QR code. I decided to test out connectivity by scanning the QR code, and was pleasantly surprised by how well it took. It was fast and it almost instantaneously had all of my phone’s applications, photos, music and media already loaded onto the desktop. That was pretty neat. It also gave a nice, comprehensive overview of my phone’s status. I knew how much space was available, how many texts I currently had on my phone, how many applications I had downloaded, how many contacts I have, how many images and videos I have, and an option to backup & restore the device. Nice!


My next step was to try and get my phone to update some of the applications. I hadn’t actually used this particular phone in quite some time, so I had a lot of updates to do. I had done some updates through the app itself on the phone, but now I was going to attempt to update through desktop management.

You’re not really doing much from the desktop application itself. You basically command your phone to do the update from the desktop, but you have to confirm the update via your phone, so it’s a lot of back-and-forth work. Sometimes the updates wouldn’t push through, or would straight up fail. Sometimes it would push through onto my phone, and my phone would tell me that the application “wasn’t installed”, but it was. In the end, I just decided that if I was going to ever update applications, I’m going to stick with updating through the Google Play Store.



However, when it comes to the rest of the desktop management, I’d say MoboMarket does a pretty good job there. I was able to look at videos and photos easily, and I could either delete them or share them on Facebook or Twitter straight from the desktop application. All of my ringtones were available on the desktop application as well, and you can easily set a new ringtone or notification tone from the desktop application as well.


You can also browse and change your phone’s theme from the desktop application, which was probably one of the easiest things you could do. You browse the themes, find one you like, press “Download” so it downloads to your phone, and when it’s finished downloading it will ask you if you want to apply the theme. I said yes, and when I unlocked my phone, there it was all set up.

You have a Toolbox that allows you to send text messages from your computer to another phone, kind of like Motorola’s Moto Connect. However, it’s not available to Android 4.4 users… which is what I have, so I wasn’t able to test that out. But the Toolbox gives you a lot of options to help organize your phone from your computer, which is cool. It also has options so you can stream your device’s display to your PC, create ringtones, and clean up your device. The Toolbox seems to be one of the most, if not the most, useful aspect of MoboMarket.


I did have a couple of issues overall when it came to the application’s stability. When I first downloaded the application on my phone, it force closed twice, so I did a quick clean-up of my phone of unnecessary things to see if that helped. I didn’t have any force close issues after that, so it might have been something on my phone that caused that. However, in the middle of using the desktop application, my phone suddenly disconnected for no apparent reason. Scanned the QR code one more time and that was the only time I had that issue, too.

The ability to organize and manage your smartphone’s contents from your computer can be a very handy tool, especially if you’re tired of being confined to the smaller screens of smartphones. I can admit that at times when I was organizing, it was nice to be able to see everything on a bigger screen. MoboMarket’s other features such as the addition of an app store, wallpapers, launcher, and themes also make customizing your Android experience from one location a relatively easy task.

You can find out more information about the MoboRobo app at MoboRobo’s website, http://www.moborobo.com/, or you can download MoboRobo straight from this link http://download.moborobo.com/download/Client/Home/Moborobo(HomeBanner).exe

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