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3 ways to save on your wireless bill

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Smartphones are expensive, and so are the bills that inherently accompany them. People everywhere pay high prices for the simple services of talk, text and data. But there are options out there for your wireless bill, options that could help to save you money. It’s a given that these won’t work in every scenario, but perhaps one of them will work to help you save a few dollars on your next wireless bill.

Let’s take a look at three ways that could help you save on your wireless bill.

1. Keep track of your usage and adjust accordingly

This is one of the easiest and simplest ways to save money on your wireless bill. Tracking how much you actually use your minutes, texts and data allotments will help you to narrow down how much you really need. Most carriers now offer tiers of data, and occasionally minutes and texts as well. The carriers themselves will have a tracking system of your usage of each allotment that can be usually accessed online through your account with the carrier.

Oftentimes, we pay for more data than we actually need. Most people use between 1GB and 2GB of data each month, but the range can vary widely depending on what you use your phone for. Checking your actual use through your carrier’s tracking system is a great way to figure out how much you need. You may be paying for 5GB of data per month, but if you’re only using 2GB of data, then you’d be perfectly well-off with a 3GB plan that would also save you some money.

Keep track of your usage and adjust your plan accordingly. If you want to change your plan, simply access your online account or give your carrier a call.

2. Call up your carrier

Giving your carrier a call is a great way to learn more about specific ways to save money on your plan. Your carrier will help direct you to the available plans, likely revealing some that you didn’t know about. Carriers often have plenty of options for customers, particularly if it allows them to keep you as a customer. This trick won’t always work, but there’s no harm in giving your carrier a call and who knows, you might find an option that works better for you.

3. Check out other carriers

If you simply can’t seem to find a way to save money with your current wireless carrier, it might be worth checking out other carriers. There are plenty of good deals out there that could save you money. Additionally, carriers are offering more deals to switch than ever, allowing you to really save some cash.

If you’re looking to really cut your costs, take a look at some of the pre-paid carriers. You may not be able to get the very latest and greatest phones, but you can save a bundle on your plan if you switch to some pre-paid carriers.

As always when looking at other carriers, make sure that the carrier that you’re interested in covers your area and has what you’re looking for in a carrier. And if you want a quick way to check out some of the options, use the phone and plan comparison tool from our friends over at PhoneDog!

These are just three ways that could help you to save a bit of money on your next wireless bill. They won’t work in every scenario, but it’s worth looking into to see if you could save some money on your next wireless bill. Drop a comment below letting us know how you save money on your wireless bill!

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  • Evil Bob

    Think outside the main carriers and look at MVNOs. They resell big carrier’s network capacity, usually cheaper, with a few catches (limited features, lower prioritization on the network, throttles on LTE Speeds to 8 Mbps for me). Howard Forums (http://www.howardforums.com/forum.php) is a good place to start.

  • IanB

    Go prepaid!

    Ian B

  • Tarman

    Buy a Nexus device, get Straight Talk. $45 for unlimited voice/text, 3GB LTE data, unlimited 2G after that

  • Gekko

    Nexus 5 + AT&T GoPhone. no proxy, great price, no contract. choice and freedom.

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  • Kate

    Would suggest billxperts.com. This is a company that negotiate with your providers on your behalf. That saves you the hassle of calling your carriers and they can get you great savings.