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12 reasons why the Sony Xperia Z3 is better than the iPhone 6 Plus

Beau HD from PhoneDog gives us 12 reasons why the Sony Xperia Z3 is better than the iPhone 6 Plus. There are a host of differences between the two devices, and in this video we learn the advantages the Xperia Z3 has over the iPhone 6 Plus. Some of the reasons include dust/water resistance, expandable storage, speakers, and PlayStation integration. Are there any reasons that were left out? Let us know in the comments.

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  • olaola

    everything is better than that blind HTC copy called vulnerable and dangerous, bendable iPhone

  • Dave

    Good summary. Frankly, the OLDER Xperia Z could have beat the iPhone 6/ iPhone 6 Plus in this comparison–and it was released 2 years ago! The old Xperia Z beats the iPhone 6 on camera megapixels, display resolution, waterproofing, expandable memory, RAM, and 4K video recording. And it was $100 cheaper than the iPhone 6. Of course, the newer Z3 has an even better camera, even more memory expandability, and Playstation capability. There’s actually no comparison.
    Thanks Logan for that relaying that to us, and thanks to Beau HD for doing that comparison video.

  • John Okigart

    Very good summary, I agree. Some other differences, small ones and bigger ones, I saw here http://versus.com/en/sony-xperia-z3-vs-apple-iphone-6-plus.
    The conclusion for me is always the same.. ;)

    • Dirty Budha

      I normally hate the apples v oranges comparison but the link you privded is a great look at some of the ket differences like water/dust resistance, resolution, size, weights, etc.

      Thanks for sharing that.

  • demancey

    Good luck trying to send or receive a text message with this phone if you’re on the T-Mobile network though

    • Dirty Budha

      How so? I just found a thread on XDA that suggested the user try a few things, like removing old iPhone texts history and turning off wifi calling, which seems to have led to success with the issue. Seems like getting a new SIM is also a solution.

  • thecraigmcrae

    I own the Z3, I love it, but I hate these comparison videos. Prime example “theming phone to look like 5.0 lollipop”. If Sony were faster at releasing 5.0 it would be one argument, but the iPhone completely beats Sony here for immediate software updates to the latest version.
    Also, a lot of these comparisons are preferences. Megapixel comparison is the worst way to compare cameras, talk about low light performance and overall image quality with a side-by-side, same goes for ram and all the other number comparisons.

    • TruFactz

      Can’t agree with you there buddy. Ram is an important factor because it shows how fluid the phone is with apps running in the background and even with required services running for that specific phone. For example a nexus with 2GB RAM might not sound great but if it doesn’t have a lot of required apps to run, it’s more than enough.