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Amazon Fire phone back at $199 with one year of Amazon Prime included


While no one is going to put the Fire phone on a list of best devices of 2014, the fledgling effort from Amazon is not completely without redeeming qualities and at $199 with a free year of Prime membership (a $99 value) it becomes an enticing device to have around.

The Fire phone hardware is actually quite nice, the build quality is fantastic and the specs may not be top of the line, but the 4.7-inch display looks good and the 2.2GHz quad-core processor paired with 2GB of RAM is plenty to handle most anything you would want to throw at it.

Having spent a few weeks with the Fire phone, I can’t say that I would recommend it as your daily driver given the lack of Google apps and heavily-skinned Fire OS, but if you are looking for a device for a child, it’s a nice option at basically $99, and Fire OS does have solid parental controls built-in. I’m tempted to pick one up to just have an extra Android device around the house for gaming, browsing at night and to use as an alarm clock.

I wouldn’t hold out hope for a complete reversal of fortune for the Fire phone, but it is important to remember that Amazon hasn’t given up on development for this device. An update in December rectified many of the early complaints about the phone and with a Fire phone 2 being planned, it’s a safe bet there will be further software updates to come.

Even at $199 with a year of Prime, the Fire phone probably isn’t a device for most of you. But if you are a Prime member or have been thinking about becoming one, getting the Fire phone with it for just $99 is a deal worth considering.

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  • jerrbomb

    I give them pops on trying and not giving up, thats the most important thing. But they should have kept the phone in the mid price range and dropped the incentives with it to make it more attractive. The tablets are worth the money although I would never personally invest in the OS but they could market the phone along side their mid range tablets.

  • Brooks Davis

    I am a self-confessed Amazon Prime and I needed a new phone. The Fire phone was too good to pass up, and I am very happy with this Fire phone, the screen size is larger than my iphone4s, it is faster, it has 64GB of memory, the image and sound quality are both excellent.

    Bonus that the reviewer did not mentio: the 13MP camera is much better than my iphone4s was, and I can read all of my kindle books , prime music, etc seamlessly on the Fire phone.

    Yes, there are some Google play apps that are not available on the Fire, but that will only improve over time. The Firefly app is a unique app that I use quite often and is not available anywhere else.

    I am happy with the Amazon Fire Phone, it is a very good phone on it’s own, and the price (provided you are an Amazon Prime member) is unbeatable by a country mile.

    I would do it again.

    • Brad T

      The Google Play Store can be side loaded without rooting which makes purchasing this device a no brainer. I use it as a back up and around the house for browsing, reading and streaming music. Amazon did a nice job with the last update and OS4 which should roll out soon will bring even more enhancements.