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Android Wear made partially compatible with iOS


Android Wear is a fantastic system with some great features when used with an Android device. Of course right now, it can only be used with an Android device. While iOS support would be great, the combo of Android and Android Wear makes for some cool functionality that many other smart watches don’t have. But what if you commonly switch between Android and iOS devices, what do you do with your Android Wear smart watch?

Thanks to developer Mohammad Abu-Garbeyyeh, using your Android Wear device with iOS might soon be possible. He has released a video of an iPhone getting a notification and a Moto 360 receiving it. He says that he sideloaded an original APK onto the Moto 360 to connect to the Apple Notification Center Service, which is similar to what the Pebble does.

This means that the Moto 360 and any other Android Wear device can be used with iOS devices without modification or sideloading of the iOS device. Unfortunately, this means that your smart watch becomes a simple notification viewer with no extra functionality, but it’s better than nothing!

The APK has not yet been released, but we’ll be sure to update you if it is. If you switch between devices, this can be useful. Unfortunately if you exclusively use iOS, this still may not be a good reason to buy a Moto 360.

Via: Android Community

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