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Android Wear reportedly shipped more than 720,000 units in 2014


Android Wear may have been a newcomer in 2014, but with the help of companies like Samsung, ASUS, Motorola, LG and others, it looks like Google’s answer for the smart watch market may be finding its legs.

While Google has yet to provide its own numbers for shipments or sales, regarding its Android Wear platform, research firm Canalys has decided to weigh in with its own numbers. According to the firm, Android Wear shipments crossed more than 720,000 units throughout the year 2014. Compare that to the total 4.6 million smart “wearables” that the firm says are out there in the wild right now.

For LG, it looks like the G Watch R fared better than its predecessor, the original Android Wear-Based LG G Watch. However, when compared to the whole Android Wear army, it looks like Motorola’s Moto 360 was the most popular of the bunch.

The Canalys report also indicates that Pebble sold more than 1 million smart watches since its launch in 2013, something that Pebble has independently confirmed.

The smart watch market has indeed been growing at a steady tick, but these numbers indicate that there is still a lot more room to grow. Did you buy a smart watch in 2014?

Source: Canalys

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  • http://nickvettesephotography.com Nicholas Vettese

    I want a Moto 360, but I want a 2nd Gen Version. I am hopeful that everything we love about the 360 will be much better in the newest version. I would love to see 2-3 days use, and think that they will achieve this sooner than later.

  • Erik Jones

    I picked up an LG G Watch during the whole “half the price of the Apple Watch” deal figuring I’d play with it for a bit and then sell it for about what I paid. A couple weeks max. After all, I haven’t worn a watch in nearly 20 years.

    But then something strange happened. I loved it. No longer did I need to dig my phone out of my pocket to determine if that buzz was a coupon or an urgent text from my wife that a child was in the emergency room. Even in an intense meeting I just glance at my watch, see Papa John’s at the top of the screen next to the Gmail logo and go back to what I’m doing.

    I use it for more than that of course, but if all it did was pop up the latest notification for a second or two I’d be happy, the rest is just candy.

    • Jeff

      I bought a Moto 360. I am not unhappy with it but for the most part I am underwhelmed. After the initial excitement wore off I am now left with notifications that are somewhat helpful, battery life that is kind of OK and functionality that is sometimes helpful but not really.

      It is nice but since I don’t travel much and work a 9 to 5 it doesn’t do much beyond telling me the snow has delayed my drive home.

  • wizardpc

    Does that 720,000 number include the 3 Gear Lives I had to RMA because the microphones failed within a month?

  • steve

    I have a pebble I know that’s not android wear but I like it. To me 720,000 units is a sad number. The new Apple watch is expected to sell 7 million in the first year, so 1 watch vs androids how many? Wow, android is the one with the market share usually, so this is going to be interesting