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Facebook is testing the waters of Material Design


Facebook has quietly begun testing a version of its app that incorporates a hint of Material Design, possibly signifying the beginning of a larger visual overhaul. The primary aspect of Material Design found in this test version is the inclusion of a circular floating action button in the bottom right corner of the app. Tapping the new action button brings up options for a new status, photo or check-in.

The circular action button replaces the current bar at the bottom of the app that contains all three options. While the change is far from a complete shift to Material Design, it shows that Facebook is considering a change and wants to test the waters before it overhauls the app. The change is server-side, so only Facebook’s selected testers will see it. Everyone else will simply have to wait and see if Facebook decides to implement Material Design into the public version.

Check out the change below.

Facebook Material Design

Via: Android Police

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