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Google Now will begin to show you gas stations along your route

Gas Station

Google Now has a new feature that plenty of people are going to find handy. When you’re driving, Google Now will now show you gas stations along your route, whether you’re using navigation or not. The feature is most accurate while navigating, as you would expect, but Google Now will make an educated guess at your route if you’re not navigating. For example, if you frequently visit the mall, Google Now will guess that you’re headed that way if you’re following the same route and will display gas stations accordingly. Google Now Gas Stations

The feature is more likely to be useful when using the highway system. If you’ve been headed on the same stretch of freeway for a while, Google Now will be able to show you the closest gas stations so you don’t end up driving a few miles extra just to get gas.

The feature isn’t perfect (since Google can’t read your mind), but it might help you at some point down the road. And hey, it’s not exactly hard to get rid of an unneeded Google Now card, is it?

Let us know if you see it show up in Google Now!

Source: Android Police

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  • fistouwayo

    Open google

  • maya

    google now getting better and better

  • Gabriel

    It should integrate with GasBuddy to tell you the price of gas along a route.

  • SGB101

    This seems good as now card, but when combined with android auto, to makes it an excellent feature.

    I’m surprised non of the blogs have put this now card and auto together. It makes obvious sense to me.

    Imaginen it know your going to do a 2000miles journey, and knows you only have 150m of fuel. So if in eco mode, it will scan all the prices on your journey, and compare them to the diversion cost (price in mpg) the offer you the most economical fuel station on your route.

    Or ; if in quickest route mode, it will scan for fastest diversion from your route.

    I actually think the Now card is just a byproduct of Android auto, that will work in a more limited capacity if not use in conjunction with auto.

    All speculation by me.

  • Kaybee

    Cool, but I’d rather see electric vehicle charging stations because I only stop at gas stations for lottery tickets :)