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Google Play Music now lets listeners upload 50,000 songs in the cloud

Google Play Music

It’s been quite some time since Google Play Music was initially announced, and since then uploading 20,000 songs into the cloud for easy listening has been the mainstay of the music service. That looks to be changing for some users, though.

image Play Music 50k songs

As pointed out in the image included, Google is upping the amount of music that Google Play Music listeners can upload into the cloud. Bumping it up to 50,000 from 20,000 is quite the increase, so for heavy music listeners that need plenty of space to store (and listen) to their music, Google Play Music probably becomes a pretty good option.

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Source: Google Play Music

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  • Andre

    I LOVE Google Play Music…though now I’m a user of Google Play Music All Access (seriously, they need a shorter name!!!) so I have NO need to upload music anymore :)

  • Alan

    Absolutely love it, especially how it matches new purchases. Still prefer to own the mp3s myself so not going for a Google or Spotify sub, but great to have my whole library immediately available on any Android device or PC :)

  • Dan Jones

    This is fantastic. I’ve already uploaded nearly 7,000 songs, and I upload more all the time, so I was actually concerned about the 20,000 limit. But I can’t imagine myself hitting a 50,000 limit.

  • SGB101

    Great way to convert all the badly compressed ripped mp3 in to a nice high bitrate copies.

    Also (iv heard) its a nice way to convert them less than ligit copies into ligit copies. Not that I can confirm this.

  • sandwich

    “Sorry, Google Play Music isn’t currently available in your country.”

    Of course. :-/