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HTC One M9 design back-and-forth continues with new video leaks

Will the HTC One M9 have an evolutionary design or an all-new look? That’s the question that’s been flying around the mobile world lately, and today some new videos have surfaced in support of the former.

@upleaks has posted a trio of videos that claim to show off the HTC One M9, and the device shown in the videos has a look that’s largely similar to the One (M8). The phone does have a squircle camera sensor, no Duo Camera setup, and a side-mounted power/lock button, but outside of those few tweaks, we’re looking at a One (M8).

Obviously this design is quite different from that one that leaked out at the end of January. That one had a fresh, new look with redesigned BoomSound speakers, a centered front-facing camera, and more. We won’t know which is the real deal until March 1, but I’d say that either is possible at this point. While these leaked videos look legit, well-known leaker @evleaks has floated the theory that HTC has created a bunch of fake promo material to keep the true One M9 design a secret. Considering how heavily-leaked the One (M8) was before its announcement last year, I’d say that that theory is plausible.

Which One M9 design do you think will end up being the real thing?

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  • cgmc11

    Definitely it’s not the phone everyone will see this next Sunday…HTC catch-up the game of expectations!

    • bennksy

      how sure are you? it’s next to impossible for htc to make all these fake marketing material just to troll people

  • http://www.androidandme.com Nick Sarafolean

  • StillWithThat

    Still with the black bar under the screen? Enough already. They have smart people working for them (I think), figure something out. No one likes it!

  • SGB101

    If this is true it’s disappointing, it looks like the m8 I’m typing this on.

    For me each year htc seem to push the bar in design, to the point that Apple has took ques from them in the ip6. So I can’t see then standing still this time around.

    I think it will cost them dearly, especially if the sg6 live up to its new metal design an deletabe bloat and light Tw. I doubt most of the sg6 leaks tbh

    On a pure selfish note, I’d like the 9 to the phone above as it won’t make me itch to move from the 8 to the 9.

  • Subx

    Yeah the videos have been pulled already! This is not the real phone! HTC clearly made us aware that this time around, nothing will be leaked or given away until the launch day. Renders float around to try take the focus off the real deal. I am sure it will be stunning!