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HTC One M9 hands-on video hits YouTube before tomorrow’s unveiling


HTC will pull back the curtain to unveil the HTC One M9 in less than 24 hours, but that doesn’t mean you need to wait ’till then to see the first hands-on video of HTC’s flagship smartphone. A reporter who received early access to the device mistakenly published a video to YouTube, giving us a good look at the build of the phone and comparing it to the HTC One phones from the past two years. While the One M9 doesn’t appear to hold any more secrets, we’re hoping that HTC does have a few tricks up its sleeve to show off at tomorrow’s big press event.

Via: The Verge

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  • Jaymoon

    Well… “mistakenly published”, and it hasn’t been taken down yet? Decoy.

  • Joseph Edouard

    Definitely a decoy, lol HTC not even going to pull down this video, HTC gets the biggest troll award this year

    • Rob

      yep, not the real thing! Funny how the person making this video didn’t show ANYTHING on the UI or the apps, or any differences with the hardware. lol, nice try!

      The new one will not have the dual speaker bars on the front.. at least not like the M8 does.

      • Tom

        That is a clearly a different camera module on the back. That is not an M8.

  • will

    Biggest disappointment of the year if that is the real M9.

    7 hours later and video is still up!

  • sho

    still ugly

    • Subx

      In no way are any of them ugly! If they are so ugly, why are both the M7 and M8 awarded the best smartphone ever made? Why do they win award after award? Idiot

  • Subx

    It’s a decoy! HTC even noted to all of their employees that of anyone were to release any images or provide any information to anyone voitaide the company, they would be sacked and sued.
    Even if this is the M9, I feel there is something other than the M9 being announced tonight. A new model maybe? A Smart watch?

    • Subx

      I mean, anyone outside the company….