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HTC’s wearable rumored to run ‘RTOS’ on 1.8-inch display


There’s been a lot of focus on the HTC One (M9) lately, but a new report suggests that HTC’s got another important device brewing.

A new report from @upleaks claims to have details on HTC’s first wearable, referred to as the “PETRA”. It’s said that the PETRA will pass on Android Wear and instead run “RTOS”, an operating system that’s developed by HTC. The device will reportedly support devices running Android 4.4 or higher and iOS 7 or higher. Some of its software features may include a timer, stopwatch, alarm, music controls, camera shutter, the ability to display a paired phone’s notifications, and more.

In terms of hardware, it’s said that the HTC PETRA will feature a 1.8-inch 160×32 PMOLED flexible screen, ST Micro STM32L151 chipset, Bluetooth, GPS, a battery that’ll last 3 days, and the ability to charge over POGO Pin or USB. All of those features are reportedly wrapped in a body that weighs 23 grams, will come in small, medium, and large sizes, and is both IP57 rated for resistance to water and dust and has also passed MIL-STD-810G for durability.

It’s suggested that the HTC PETRA could launch in Q1 2015 and that it’ll debut in the U.S. first. There’s no word on pricing. However, it is said that the PETRA will come in teal/lime and black/blue gray color options and that it’ll include a footpad that’ll help you to better analyze your footsteps.

While still very much unconfirmed, the device described in today’s leak sounds a little like the Samsung Gear Fit in that it’s got a rectangular screen and that it’s kind of a fitness tracker with some smartwatch capabilities mixed in. HTC has shown that it’s got an interest in fitness by partnering with Under Armour, and so this wearable could be a continuation of that effort and HTC’s plan to venture outside of smartphones and tablets. And while it’s kind of a disappointment that the HTC wearable may not run Android Wear, HTC may see an OS that supports both Android and iOS out of the gate as a better way to get consumers’ attention.

What do you think of the device described in today’s leak?

Source: @upleaks

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  • Jamie

    I have been holding out to see what this is/get it over the moto 360. if it doesn’t have Android wear then I’ll more than likely pass.

  • anon

    RTOS is likely a place-holder as the acronym literally means “Real-Time Operating System”–that is, it’s generic. One of the proprietary RTOS’s uses it in its name, but I forget which one, sorry. Most RTOS’s are very small in size, usually running a micro-kernel like Mach, because they’re designed for small embedded systems with very little headroom: your car, for example. With its real-time patches, Linux (and, by extension, things that use it like Android) qualifies as a RTOS kernel, though a rather fat one in comparison to the others, and those patches have been accused of being kludges for years–this may partially explain Android’s jumpy behavior, though I think using scripting (that is, interpreted code) rather than native code probably has more to do with that.

    Considering the MCU (I hesitate to call it a SoC), a modern Linux kernel might not even fit on the device. Here’s the web page for the device, see for yourself: