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IFTTT is becoming IF and is launching three Do apps


IFTTT is rebranding itself as IF and launching three new Do apps for enhanced productivity. IFTTT has long been the go-to app for tinkerers and productivity hounds, allowing you to create and browse all sorts of recipes to automate tasks. The app is now receiving a visual refresh and a rebranding to IF, while still giving you all the control and options from IFTTT.

In addition, IF is launching three new specialized productivity apps all under the heading of Do. These include Do Button, Do Camera and Do Note, all of which are created for just a couple of purposes and are accompanied by a widget for quick access.

Do Button allows users to set a simple switch, such as turning your Phillips Hue lightbulbs on. Do Camera allows you to create recipes to save time and automatically do things with your pictures. For example, Do Camera could automatically upload a specific set of photos to a Facebook album of your choice. Do Note is quick text entry app that gives you fast, simple options for what to do with the text. You could use it to quickly write down a meeting time or Tweet something you just experienced.

All in all, the new apps and rebranding seem to be a good move for the company, making it easier for people to do the things that they’d already be doing. The three Do apps are now available in the Play Store, as well as the rebranding update to IFTTT.

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