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Inateck BTSP-10 Plus Bluetooth speaker review


Not long ago, I reviewed the Inateck BTSP-10 Bluetooth speaker. As you may remember, I was extremely impressed by its great audio in a small package. The price was on the high side for a budget company, but man was it worth it. Now Inateck has released a follow up to the speaker, naturally called the BTSP-10 Plus.

This review won’t be very long because the BTSP-10 Plus is nearly the same as the BTSP-10 most respects. There are a few major differences, though, including its lower $30 price tag.


Price: $49.99
Battery life: 9-15 hours claimed
Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0, 3.5mm
Charging port: microUSB
Speakerphone: Yes
Dimensions: 165 x 60 x 50 mm
Weight: 390g
Where to buy: Inateck, Amazon


Aside from having a different front grill, the BTSP-10 Plus uses the exact same body as the original BTSP-10. All the controls, ports, and dimensions are identical. Speaking of controls, the only difference is the main button got a new logo. The ambiguous square is now replaced by a Bluetooth logo.


Build quality

The build quality of the BTSP-10 Plus is identical to the previous model, which I was very happy with. It feels solid and well made. I had one major complaint with the last model: the rubber feet were far too slippery, causing the speaker to move around while playing music at high volumes. This was a huge oversight in my opinion, and I’m happy to say that it’s been fixed in the BTSP-10 Plus.

This new model doesn’t move around much at all when playing music for two reasons: the feet are a bit more grippy this time around, and the highest volume setting has been lowered.

Audio quality

Here is where the BTSP-10 Plus is a downgrade from its predecessor. While the audio of the BTSP-10 blew me away with its volume and clarity, the BTSP-10 Plus didn’t do quite as well. Its maximum volume is substantially lower and more distorted. It’s still enough to fill a big room, but you’ll want to turn it down a few notches to clear up the sound. And once it’s turned down, it’s not nearly as loud.

The difference isn’t huge by any means, but it’s definitely there. Listen to them side by side and you’ll see how much better the old model is. But with a discount from $80 to $50 and a bump in battery life, it’s pretty much expected. And at the new price point, the BTSP-10 Plus is still a good deal. It’s more than loud enough for most uses, and loud and clear enough to fill small rooms or use outside. I used it for hours while repairing two cars outdoors and it worked great!


The battery on the BTSP-10 Plus has been upgraded from 1,500 mAh to 2,000 mAh, which is pretty massive for a Bluetooth speaker. The company claims a 15 hour playback time, but you’ll get more than that.

In my testing, the battery life has been absolutely superb. After two days of constant use, the BTSP-10 Plus was still playing by the weekend while I was working on my car. I didn’t get an exact time, but it was more than 15 hours of use mostly at really high volumes. Seriously, this battery life is amazing.


This speaker features speakerphone capability with a built in mic. As expected, incoming audio is great through the speakers. The mic itself is decent, with people reporting that they can hear me. It isn’t great, but it’s pretty good.

Inateck BTSP-10 Plus Bluetooth speaker10 / 10


The BTSP-10 Plus is a definite upgrade in battery life, but a downgrade in audio quality. However, at its lower price, it’s absolutely worth it. The audio quality is still pretty impressive for the price, and the battery life is downright ridiculous. I definitely wish the BTSP-10′s audio equipment was here because it was fantastic, but with a $30 drop in price, I can’t complain. The audio quality is still competitive for the price point.

And holy moly, that battery life.

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