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LG Watch Urbane LTE trades Android Wear for 4G and a bigger battery


The LG Watch Urbane may only be 10 days old, but apparently that’s enough time for LG to crank out an improved model of its new wearable.

The LG Watch Urbane LTE [Google Translate] is a new version of the LG Watch Urbane that comes with a few notable tweaks. First up is the inclusion of LTE connectivity, which allows the LG Watch Urbane LTE to make voice calls, share its location, and more. Also included is NFC for making mobile payments. And since it’s got these spiffy new radios, LG has included a 700mAh battery to support them, which is an increase from the LG Watch Urbane’s 410mAh battery.

While the addition of LTE, NFC, and a bigger battery are all exciting, there’s one change with the LG Watch Urbane LTE that may not be quite as thrilling. The new wearable isn’t running Android Wear like the regular LG Watch Urbane. Instead, it’s got a custom operating system made by LG that’s compatible with Android 4.4 and up.


One other notable difference between the LG Watch Urbane LTE and the LG Watch Urbane are the buttons on the sides of the units. While the original LG Watch Urbane only has one button on its side, the LG Watch Urbane LTE has three. The top button will summon Quick Settings, which will display information related to battery life, brightness, and more, and the bottom button will take you back through the OS.

LG hasn’t revealed when the Watch Urbane LTE will launch or how much it’ll cost when it does. Considering that it’s got built-in LTE, though, I’d expect it to be a bit pricier than the standard LG Watch Urbane. That said, a smartwatch with its own LTE connection and support for voice calls could be appealing to some folks, and it’s nice that the LG Watch Urbane LTE retains the classy look of the regular model.

Source: LG [Google Translate]

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