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Motorola’s 32GB Nexus 6 is now available through Amazon for $649.99


Motorola’s Nexus 6 hasn’t always been the easiest device to purchase, but it’s gradually becoming easier and easier. While the device is currently available through Google Play, if you prefer to do your online shopping through Amazon, the digital retail giant has you covered.

Amazon is now selling the 32GB Nexus 6 for $649.99. What’s better is that it’s available in both the Cloud White and Midnight Blue options. As noted above, it’s only the 32GB option that’s available directly through Amazon at this point. While the site has the 64GB option listed, it’s only available through other sellers (and their prices are upwards of $800).

If you haven’t already picked up a Nexus 6, this may be one way to do it. Of course, Amazon’s price is technically 99 cents more expensive than Google Play, but depending on how fast you want it, Amazon might be able to get it on your doorstep the same day you put in the order.

Source: Amazon

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  • steve

    Why can’t they keep it fully in stock? The note 4 or anyother phone has no problem. The phone is basically full price and it is about as hard to get as a Oneplus one. Motorola you fail. Lg did a better job, at half the price