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Pebble launches a countdown timer on its website, offers no other details

image Pebble countdown

Pebble recently announced that it had sold more than 1 million smartwatches since it initially launched its distinct wearable, and at the same time hinted that new things are on the way in 2015. Turns out the wait for that new stuff could be shorter than originally thought.

The smartwatch company has launched a brand new countdown timer onto its website. Unfortunately, the company also managed to leave out any details that might actually reveal what the countdown timer is actually counting down to. There’s a happy-looking Pebble smartwatch just above the timer itself, and it’s a colorful blue color, but that doesn’t seem to indicate just what it is Pebble is working on.

There’s a spot where you can fill in your email to be the “first to know,” so for anyone who’s really curious to find out what Pebble might be showing off in four days (the countdown ends at 10:00AM ET, Tuesday, February 24), that’s one way to do it.

Are you interested in what Pebble might have to show off?

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  • Nicholas Moline

    Of course I’m interested. I want them to come out with a colored pebble that rivals AndroidWear. We could only dream that they’d actually produce an AndroidWear device…