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Samsung Galaxy Note Edge gets traditional Swarovski makeover

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Swarovski

Samsung’s fondness for Swarovski crystals is well known, as many of its devices have gotten a sparkly makeover. From the Galaxy S5 to the Samsung Gear S smartwatch, Smasung’s bling has no limits. And following tradition, the next device to get the makeover is the Galaxy Note Edge.

Since the curved edge of the device is already gimmicky but neat, the Swarovski treatment suits it nicely. It also features a design by Albercht Dürer, making the device even more flashy. But some people are into that, so to them these 1800 crystals may be appealing.

Though I wouldn’t buy this and I know many of you wouldn’t, there are people that buy this stuff, so don’t scoff at Samsung for providing it. But do tell us what you think of it in the comments!

Via: Android Community

Source: Crystallize Your Design

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  • Bart

    That video is very confusing. They show a (dubiously) luxurious Note Edge but the music is a forlorn rendition of “I will survive.” What the world does that have to do with a handset?

    I’m not even sure my wife would like this and she loves jewelry.