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Samsung hints at Galaxy S6′s performance and wireless charging in latest tease

image Samsung GS6 wireless tease

Samsung has yet to make the Galaxy S6 official, but with the announcement date closing in on us, the manufacturer is certainly doing its best to hype up the upcoming smartphone. At the beginning of February we got our first alleged look at the handset, and just four days ago Samsung released a teaser video highlighting the next flagship.

Now, Samsung has opted to offer yet another hint via its official Samsung Mobile Twitter account. This time, in the latest short video, Samsung includes the text, “The faster I am, the more that gets done. And the more time I can give to others. I am #TheNextGalaxy.” At the end of it, we can see what looks like a stylized lighting bolt, which could be a clever way of suggesting the next flagship from Samsung will be fast.

That’s not all, though, as Samsung posted another blog post focusing on a certain feature within not only the next flagship, but also its past devices. This time around it’s wireless charging, which Samsung notes has been part of many previous Galaxy S and Galaxy Note devices. Samsung says that what’s coming, though, will be better than anything before, adding that it’s going to be “a landmark year for smartphone wireless charging.”

Before this, Samsung posted a blog post regarding the camera systems in its Galaxy S and Galaxy Note handsets, pointing out that the camera in its next flagship will be “amazing.”

If the teasers and blog posts are any indicator, Samsung believes that the Galaxy S6 will not only have a camera that will surprise many, but its performance will also be something to gawk over.

Are you getting excited for the Galaxy S6?

Via: Samsung Tomorrow

Source: @SamsungMobile

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  • surethom

    Fantastic but lets hope wireless charging is standard not a cover you have to buy..

  • DBird

    Never ever again will Samsung seems a nickel of my money. Told me to box up the phone an DC send it to them and they would repair it. Why did you sell me a phone that had 7 known issues and outta the box too. I didn’t realize for $700 and a flag ship phone you had to buy them take it home and work on it. That’s the Next Big Thing. Guess it saves them the warranty dollars. Your fired Samsung

  • Canuckle215

    Samsung is FAMOUS for creating such a hype engine, and be underwhelming when it comes down to delivery.

    Wireless charging is hokey at best. Mind you, I’m going from my experience on my Nexus 7 (2013) model, that it takes FOREVER to charge.

    And being Samsung’s own brand processor, I believe my Note 2 had the Exynos CPU, and while it was great, there were compatibility issues with software. Reminded me almost of the days of AMD and Intel in Windows 98.

    I will stick with Samsung because I’ve never had a glaring problem with one of their devices, not enough to make me throw up my hands and say “screw off” but they need to start listening to the people that buy their devices, and actually understand what it is we want from them, on top of the top tier equipment they sell.

  • stanley

    Samsung we all know that all this high speed of production is to snick into people’s wallets for nothing other than giving us a fake device in a new brand of Galaxy S6. Let take a kin eye on the your own process whether it will not suck.