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Samsung makes a joke out of the Galaxy S6 rumors

Samsung Galaxy S6 Rumors

Samsung Norway is having some fun with the Galaxy S6 rumors that’ve been swirling. The company has created an entire page that features spin-offs of six different Galaxy S6 rumors, all culminating in a countdown timer until Samsung’s event at Mobile World Congress. While you can enjoy the page yourself by following the source link below, let’s look at what they all contain.

The rumor of front-facing stereo speakers has resulted in oval-shaped device with two speakers that flare out from the back of the device. Increased durability has come about in the form of a pillow-shaped device. A three-sided display has taken the form of three triangular displays all connected. The idea of a larger display has become an extendable widescreen. And finally, an all-glass Samsung Galaxy S6 has resulted in a hollow, remote-shaped device made of glass.

It’s good to see Samsung taking the rumors and leaks in stride, having some fun with the ideas floating around. We’ll know for sure what the Galaxy S6 will be like come Sunday, when Samsung will unveil the device at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. In the meantime, check out some of the rumored specs here.

Source: Samsung Norway

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