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Samsung posts another Galaxy S6 teaser, this time probably hinting at metal body

image Samsung GS6 6th teaser

As we inch ever closer to the big announcement date of the “next Galaxy,” Samsung isn’t slowing down on the teases. This latest short video is the third tease so far, and while the first was obviously meant to get people excited for the camera, and the second was meant to draw attention towards performance, this latest one seems to be about the body of the Galaxy S6.

The third teaser is a bit more cryptic than the previous two, with lines like, “I am crafted from the beautiful things I see around me,” and “They shape who I am.” That’s not exactly clear in meaning, and the image not to the final tagline, which is just a straight line pointed upwards, doesn’t do much to help discern just what it is Samsung means by this.

The safest bet, though, is that Samsung is pointing to a thing device that’s probably made out of metal, just as many rumors have previously suggested.

Are you getting excited for Samsung’s next Galaxy?

Source: @SamsungMobile

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  • BlazeHN

    First you see glass, then something that looks like metal and the last one I don’t know what is it.

  • mrcrusha

    What if it was by the toilet…. what inspires it then?