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Samsung’s Galaxy S6 earbuds allegedly caught on camera

image Galaxy S6 earbuds

The Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge are set to get revealed on Sunday, March 1, but that hasn’t stopped the leaks from coming at a full churn. The latest image to show off the devices came from a Sprint promotion, for example. And while many of the leaks have focused on the smartphones, some might want to check out what the headphones will look like that will be packaged with the device.

image Galaxy S6 earbuds2

Thanks to a few images published to Vietnamese site Tinht.vn¬†and surfaced by SamMobile, we get a first glimpse at the earbuds that will allegedly be bundled not only with the Galaxy S6, but also the Galaxy S6 Edge. The white headphones probably draw comparisons to Apple’s own EarPods, but there are some differences.

The most prominent difference is either the slight design change in the buds themselves, looking a bit more stretched out than Apple’s version, or the flat cable. There is also a built-in remote with volume control, which isn’t all that different, but it is a welcomed feature.

What do you think of the design?

Via: SamMobile

Source: Tinht.vn

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  • Robert Moore

    Hate the look, like the way the 1s that came with the S5 looked n felt!

  • mike

    Hate the apple earpods look and these aren’t much better. I know people complain about in-ear head phones, but at least people won’t claim they are copying Apple’s look. Plus in-ear sounds a lot better. Just My opinion.

  • JiYong

    These kind of earbuds have existed way before Apple.

    For instance these discontinued earbuds from 2008.

  • Joseph

    Just throw Samsung’s name on some dre beats and watch everyone hate those too. People just love to hate Samsung no matter what they do lol. It’s funny.


      don’t hate on samsung they’re much better made phone than Apple ever will be there chipset sucks their camera Sucks and they have no RAM the phone just sucks

  • BangBang

    I don’t care about the design as much as I care about the sound.

  • Subx

    Are you serious? This really makes for an article? They are just crappy supplied earbuds! Get over it already!

  • alonzopooly

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