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Samsung’s new octa-core Exynos processor is perfect for the Galaxy S6

Samsung Exynos 7 Processor

Samsung has announced a new octa-core Exynos processor that’s a perfect match for the Galaxy S6. Numerous reports have stated that Samsung will pass on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 processor due to overheating issues. Qualcomm has publicly stated that while initial units ran into problems, the overheating has been completely resolved and the Snapdragon 810 will continue to be used in devices like the LG G Flex 2.

Samsung has its own line of Exynos processors that it plans to utilize in the upcoming Galaxy S6. The specific processor is unknown, but Samsung just announced a new Exynos processor that seems like an obvious choice. The Exynos 7 processor is manufactured on a 14nm process. The processor has eight cores and Samsung says that it is designed for next-generation flagships (hint, hint).

The Exynos 7 will offer significant benefits over Samsung’s current top-tier Exynos processor. Performance has seen a 20 percent improvement and productivity gain has increased by 30 percent. One of the most important facets is that the Exynos 7 offers a reduction in power consumption by 35 percent, allowing for longer battery life.

While Samsung’s hasn’t specifically stated that the Exynos 7 will be used in the Galaxy S6, the sheer power of the processor combined with the wording of the statement make it a likely choice. The Samsung Galaxy S6 will be unveiled on March 1 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Source: Samsung

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  • Haggie

    As long as they continue to cram TouchWiz down its customers throats, a Samsung octo-core is like putting a jet engine in a Yugo. Phones should be shipped with stock Android. All manufacturer and mobile service provider apps should be downloadable and installed or removed at the phone OWNER’S discretion. If they can’t make the pre-installed app removeable, it doesn’t belong on the phone in the first place.

    • John Patrick

      Simple solution to your bloatware issue – root your phone. If you don’t, you will always be at mercy of those who fail to recognize the fact that you own your phone – not them.
      The carriers are the worst offenders when it comes to that. By far.

      Samsung is lightening touchwiz as we move into Lollipop and will continue to do so – having seen their sales decline over the past year.

      Part of the touchwiz issue is that Samsung adds hardware features to their phones that AOSP Android doesn’t support. When I converted my GS4 to a Google Play edition I lost support within Android for the IR port among other things. Buried in all the touchwiz code are the drivers and whatnot that make their unique hardware work.

    • Dirty Budha

      As John said, root your phone. Also, you can install a different launcher to use. If you’re rooted you can freeze TouchWiz from operating.

      We ALL agree with you but you’ll never escape the custom launcher from the phone makers.

      Also, the processor has nothing to do with TouchWiz.

    • Brian

      Shut up with this tired dribble. God damn man, get over it. No manufacturer uses straight stocK Android. Move on; will you?

  • Dirty Budha

    Hope to see this in the US models.

  • Reginald Christison

    Simply cannot wait to get the Galaxy S6.

  • vasra

    Samsung has already leaked that they will redesign both TouchWiz and their app bundling strategy.

    Whether this is on S6 or on Note 5 remains to be seen, but it’s coming.

    Besides, can you imagine a Samsung flagship with the bloat AND a bad performing SoC?

    It’s _always_ nice to have a good SoC :-)

  • nour

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