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T-Mobile is launching an update tracker to calm your anxiety


T-Mobile is launching an update tracker that allows you to see what stage of development your phone’s software update is currently in. We’ve all known the anxiety of waiting for a software update, particularly when you lack details about the update or when it will arrive. T-Mobile is seeking to alleviate those problems with its new update tracker that allows you to see if your phone’s update is in manufacturer development, T-Mobile testing or a rollout.

The program allows you to see which devices are currently preparing a software update and what stage they’re in. Manufacturer Development indicates that the manufacturer is still creating the software for the device. T-Mobile Testing is fairly obvious, it’s the step in which T-Mobile tests to make sure that the update is rock solid. The final step is Completion, at which point the update is rolling out to customers.

T-Mobile’s update tracker isn’t earth-shattering news, but it’s good to see that the company cares enough to allow people to know where the update stands. Follow the source link below to try it out for yourself!

Source: T-Mobile

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  • hp420

    Absolutely NO mention of the LG G3 update. Uh oh….that is definitely not a good sign!!

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      Yeah… no LG G3… a little part of me just died.

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      Barf on LGG3 fake perpatrating phablet. NOTE 3 and NOTE 4 is KING PERIOD

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    So where’s the link to the update tracker?