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The OnePlus One will now have open sales every Tuesday, new update rolling out

OnePlus One Open Sales

OnePlus has announced that it is opening up sales of the OnePlus One every Tuesday, allowing anyone to snag one without an invite. OnePlus has traditionally used a convoluted invite system to allow sales of the One. The system restricted the number of people who could get a hold of the phone and generally made buying oneĀ a hassle. But OnePlus is changing that, even if only for one day of the week.

Every Tuesday, OnePlus will offer the One to the public without an invite, starting at 12:00 AM PST. Both the 16GB Silk White and 64GB Sandstone models will be available for their usual prices of $299 and $349, respectively. During the other six days of the week, the old invite system will be used, allowing those with invites to snag it anytime. Those who order a OnePlus One will still receive invites to share with interested friends.

OnePlus also announced that a new update is rolling out to the One. Most of the update is dedicated to bug fixes and small enhancements, but there are some notable features. SwiftKey is becoming the default keyboard for the OnePlus One, while MaxxAudio by Waves is becoming the default for sound. The update also includes three new focusing options of auto, continuous, and infinity for recording video.

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  • Dirty Budha

    If only it had a Micro SD slot.

  • Matt

    Not a chance. I’ve never known a company alienate its potential customers in such a way. They should be pulling out all the stops to encourage people to buy their product. Not restricting with such an arrogant policy. They aren’t Apple, with their big following. I’ve had 6 invites over the last 6 months and refuse to buy just out of principle. Somebody at the top obviously thinks its funny to make people jump through hoops in such a way. Personally i would NEVER EVER buy under these restrictions.

    • ian

      I think the invite restriction system is at least partially motivated by the company’s limited production abilities.

  • Mike

    They’re so late lol Since I wasn’t ever able to get one last year I bought a nexus 5 then upgraded to the nexus 6 just recently. I’ve been happy with the nexus line.