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TYLT offering $25 off four Energi Sliding Power Cases for Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is coming; are you prepared? The sales are coming, and you’re going to need to buy your significant other a gift. And if you don’t have a significant other, then you’ll have to treat yourself to something nice just for the heck of it. TYLT is doing a Valentine’s Day sale, and it’s discounting some of its Sliding Power Cases.

If you’re in the market for some extra battery power in the form if a protective case, a Sliding Power Case has you covered. It’s a thin case with a battery that can slide on when needed. When not needed, slide it off and you still have the protection of a slim case. And if you own a Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5, or iPhone 5/5S (why would you?), you can now get one on sale.

The Galaxy S5 Sliding Power Case is regularly $80 but is now $55, and it packsĀ a beefy 2,800 mAh. The Galaxy S4 case is down from $50 to $25. The iPhone 5/5S Sliding Power Case is down from $100 to $75, and the non-sliding iPhone 5/5S power case is down from $60 to $35. And to top it all off, shipping is free.

If you’ve been interested in picking one of these up, now is a great time. Hit the source link for more info on how to get the discount and let us know if you purchased anything!

Source: TYLT

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  • Josh

    Why do you continue to shamelessly advertise products by this company? Their prices are ridiculous for what they offer and you’re misinforming people by showing these products in a positive light.

    • http://www.androidandme.com Dima Aryeh

      While you’re entitled to an opinion, it’s just that: an opinion. I only post things about their products because I use and enjoy their products. Yeah, some of them are overpriced, very much so. But some are just great products. Many of us here at Android and Me love TYLT stuff and use it every day. So until they stop making good products, we’ll let people know our opinions and when they happen to have sales.

      • Matt

        Agreed… I have a 2 tylt vu chargers and they are the best hands down. I look forward to getting the new car mount as well. They are more expensive but once you use them you kinda see why, its quality and ease of use. To each their own I suppose