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Verizon teases that Nexus 6 is ‘coming soon’


The Nexus 6 has been available from AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile for a while now, but Verizon has been curiously quiet about selling Google’s new Nexus smartphone. Today the big red carrier broke that silence, but only with a quiet tease.

Verizon’s website now features the banner that you see below, advertising that the Nexus 6 is “coming soon”. The banner pops up when you search for “Nexus 6” on Verizon’s site, and when you click it, you’re invited to register your email to receive future updates.


So yeah, it looks like Verizon may finally begin selling the Nexus 6 in the near future, but we don’t know exactly when that’ll be. The good news is that not only will Verizon’s launch open up another way to buy the Nexus 6, which is still a bit limited in its availability, but it’ll also give consumers a way to get the N6 on a subsidized or Verizon Edge installment plan.

Via: Droid-Life

Source: Verizon Wireless

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  • Robairto Henders

    I’m on Verizon and went to AT&T to get some hands on time with it. The screen is fantastic and the front speakers absolutely blow away the bottom speaker of my Galaxy Note 3. It is the first time I have thought that I would be okay without capacitive buttons the way they have made the on screen buttons pretty unobtrusive. Unfortunately they are low on storage, should have put out at least a 96 gigabyte but preferentially a 128 gigabyte option. Also, while better than any other Nexus camera, the 13 megapixel optically image stabilized camera is not up to par when you compare it to the top tier phones. Maybe the next update will get me my additional storage and battery life and talk top tier camera. Please excuse any grammatical errors as this was voice dictated.

    • Richard Yarrell

      I’m trying not to laugh at this waste of a phablet with poor battery life, piss poor storage options, crappy camera, and featureless boring day to day smartphone experience pretty typical of a Nexus.

      Now 700 dollars worth ….HELL NO….It’s not even in the same league as the Note 3 or Note 4 as well as the Note Edge. The Nexus 6 is nothing more than a big screened smartphone with NO PURPOSE, Multitasking or productivity options or abilities.

      basically a perpetrating phablet.

      • Dirty Budha

        I respect your opinion on the Nexus series but they do offer a couple of upsides that can tip the scales for some.
        - First to update to newer Android. It’s not always a big deal but most phone makers don’t roll out an update as fast as the Nexus series will receive it. Let alone waiting for the carriers to muck the update up. I have a Note 3 and I’m STILL waiting for an update to 4.4.4. I love my Note 3.
        - Pure Android experience, with nothing else holding it back.
        - The biggest draw would be the longevity of the phone to updates. The Nexus series is STILL getting updates 2 to 3 generations back. Most phone makers don’t do this.

        I have the Note 3 and read some reviews from people that played with the Nexus 6. I was UBER close to just getting one but the huge deal breaker is the lack of expandable memory. Google is pushing for users to use Google Drive but most of us don’t trust cloud based storage.

        Otherwise, it’s a great looking phone and almost made me switch over. Alas, I’m waiting for a phone to come that will give me a good reason to ditch my Note 3.

  • John Patrick

    That’s because vzw needs a long time to develop and put those ‘special’ verizon touches on their phones – especially the Nexus phones they con Google into letting them sell.

    In addition they have to plan their update strategy well in advance because to achieve the extraordinary levels of incompetence they they have so profoundly demonstrated in the past, it requires hard work, perseverance and focus to totally fuck their customer’s expectations of the phones in the Nexus line.