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You can now toggle select settings with Google Now and Lollipop


An oft-requested feature is finally making its way into Google Now, at least for Android 5.0 Lollipop users. Lollipop users can now use Google Now voice commands to toggle Wi-Fi, Bluteooth and the flashlight on or off. The feature first made an appearance last year, but saved zero time, as instead of toggling the setting for you, it would simply bring you to the menu to change it yourself. At least with Lollipop, users can tell Google Now to “turn Wi-Fi on” and it’ll actually turn Wi-Fi on for you.

While the feature works, we’d love to see it expand to include a few more settings such as mobile data and airplane mode, for which it still takes you to their respective menus or doesn’t work at all. Nonetheless, it’s good to see some progress being made on what seems like a simple oversight. If you have a device with Lollipop, try it for yourself and remember to use it the next time you don’t want to reach for your phone.

Source: Android Police

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