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Amazon reportedly launching ‘Unlocked’ service to offer games and apps for free

image Amazon Unlocked presentation

One of Amazon’s strongest perks is Prime, a subscription service for the company that offers plenty of perks. According to a new report, Amazon could be looking to expand its Prime mentality into the world of apps with a feature called “Unlocked.”

According to the report published by TechCrunch, citing internal presentation slides obtained by the publication, Amazon’s Unlocked feature would not only offer free apps, but also free games to users. More than that, though, this rumored service would actually also offer in-app purchases for free. Essentially, that means that even if an app is paid or free, any in-app purchase options within it would be free as well.

The report highlights some major developers that will apparently be part of the feature, whenever it launches in the future. That includes SEGA America, makers of the game Sonic Dash, which is apparently featured quite a bit in the promotional slides. Also featured is developer UsTwo, the makers of Monument Valley, one of the most popular mobile games in recent memory.

Amazon aims to make finding Unlocked apps easy with obvious branding, so users should be able to find what they’re looking for easily enough.

Amazon Unlocked doesn’t have a launch date as of yet, and the price for this new feature wasn’t available in the report. On top of that, when developers were reached out to about Unlocked, many replied that they are currently under NDA, and that they cannot provide any information about anything related to it. Or even that it exists at all.

The Appstore doesn’t have as wide a selection as the Google Play Store, but something like this could certainly do well for Amazon’s own efforts.

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Source: TechCrunch

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