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Apple soon to take Android phones in trade-in


Apple’s trade-in program allows you to give up your old iPhone and get some money for a shiny new one in return. It’s not the best value, as you can sell your old iPhone for significantly more online, but it’s quick and easy to do. But a report says that soon Apple will take in Android phones as well, not just iPhones.

There are quite a few trade-in programs out there, but if you are buying an iPhone, Apple’s may be the way to go. It’ll definitely be nice for Android users to be able to trade in their old device for some money towards a new one. Apple will facilitate making the wrong choice for you!

Again, the value may not be very good. Especially with Android devices, it’s likely you won’t get much money. Most trade-in programs value Android phones pretty low, so if you’re intent on getting as much money as possible, try selling your device yourself. But for those who value convenience, this should be a nice opportunity.

Via: 9to5 Mac

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