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As Samsung falls to Apple, Android global market share is still on the rise


Trusted technology research and advisory company Gartner has released its latest smartphone market share report today, and while the numbers spell bad news for Samsung (as bad as being the number two smartphone manufacturer in the world can be), Android is still on the rise globally.

According to Gartner, Samsung was ousted from its position as number one smartphone manufacturer globally in the fourth quarter of 2014. Samsung managed to sell 73 million smartphones in Q4 2014, while Apple managed to eke out a win by selling 74.8 millions iPhones. Those numbers don’t seem drastic on their own, but consider that in Q3 2013,┬áSamsung sold 83 million devices and Apple sold 50 million, and things start looking worse for Samsung. Just how much of an impact the revamped Galaxy S6 will have on this year’s numbers is it yet to be seen, but it may just be what Samsung needs to boost sales.

As far as market share by platform goes, Android is still absolutely crushing the competition. Android now holds 80.7 percent of the total market, up from 78.5 percent last year, and Apple holds 15.4 percent of the market, down from 15.5 percent last year. The bulk of Android’s gain comes from Blackberry, Windows and other platforms.

2014 was quite a year. Anyone who predicted that Apple releasing a bigger iPhone would have a major impact on the industry was right. But if they thought it was going to slow down Android right away, they missed the mark.

Source: Gartner

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  • Zach

    Apple released a new phone in Q4. Many people didn’t buy apple devices in Q3, because they were waiting for the iphone 6. The iphone 6 came out mid-late september, so very few sales were attributed to Q3.

    This “trend” is bogus!

    • Biggy Johnson

      You may want to read the story again. The figures confirm Apples global market share has declined even with good 4th quarter results. Apple could reverse this trend in 1st quarter but that remains to be seen.

  • Subx

    The fact that not everyone wants to update every year now is also a major factor. With the devices being so powerful and robust (except iPhones as they crack just looking at them), today’s phones can easily last many years. Premium device’s are not cheap so upgrading every year is not always an option. Of course everything will slow down. There is only so much that can be put into a phone and I think we are pretty much at the limit so new releases are now mostly spec increases.

    • Jayanth Nadig

      are you sure crapsung will lost for more than 6-8 months of usage? after 6-8 months software will not work, you have to update the software from authorized showroom which is not the case in iPhone. iPhone will come for 4-5 years with out any issues.

  • Bart

    Statistics, especially percentages, can be misleading. For example, in the chart cited, rounding to the nearest hundred’s place, Apple sold only 2,000 units more than Samsung. That is chunk change in the global scene. Further, looking at the percentages, Apple’s market share is only 0.5% (one-half percent) higher than Samsung. Looking at each company’s performance compared only to themselves as the first chart was attempting to do, does show that Apple experienced a 2.6% growth between 4th Qtr 2013 and 4th Qtr 2014 where Samsung experienced a nearly 10% drop in the same period.
    I’ve got to admit, I am concerned for Samsung. Now with the news that they are following Apple’s (poor) example in sealing the phone and not allowing MicroSD nor replacable batteries, I think Samsung has shot itself in the foot… Actually, both feet. Right now, the ONLY (in my opinion) thing they have going for them is their stylus on the Note series.

    • Bart

      Forgot to add: Its time for Samsung to go through another series of fire-hire. Top management is really skewing things up. (Yes, I intentionally chose skew to scr*w)

  • Kio

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