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Big Time wants to pay you for playing mobile games

Big Time

The in-app purchase model of games has grown rapidly, so much so that it’s become out of hand. It’s now rare to find a game that doesn’t siphon money here and there in order to make the game enjoyable. A new app called Big Time aims to change that. Rather than making you pay to play the games, Big Time pays you to play them in the form of a weekly cash prize that’s handed out to one lucky winner.

Big Time is an app for Android and iOS that includes five games within the app: Rover Ranger, Gusty Grove, Beaming Boxes, Kinetic Console and Galactic Gateways. All of the games are designed to be fun, simple time-wasters. After trying them out, we can confirm that while the games are nothing special or unique, they provide some mindless fun. But the focus of the apps is less about the games and more about the rewards.

Each time you play, you earn tickets towards a weekly draw. The more tickets you earn, the more chances you have to win the prize. Big Time offers a weekly cash prize of at least $1,000, with higher amounts being paid out as the community grows and creates more ad revenue. The best part? Big Time is entirely free to download and use. Playing the games becomes much more interesting when you have the chance to win cash.

The broader scope of Big Time is that it’s aiming to change the way games are played. The developers aren’t fans of the multitudes of in-app purchases that are found in most mobile games. What they’ve done is to reverse the model from paying to play, to playing to get paid. If the concept is successful, we could see this new free-to-win model grow and appear in other apps, benefiting users much more than paying to play games.

If you want to try out Big Time for yourself, follow the source link below to download it from the Play Store.

Source: Big Time (Play Store)

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