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Blackphone 2 will beef up its screen size and specs but still focus on privacy

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The original Blackphone focused entirely on privacy, and so the hardware may have been lacking for some potential buyers. Now Silent Circle, the maker of the Blackphone 2, has decided to put just as much focus on the hardware of its next smartphone while making sure to double down on security and privacy at the same time.

The Blackphone 2 is beefing up the specs across the board, including increasing the screen size. The new smartphone will boast a 5.5-inch 1920×1080 display Gorilla Glass 3 display. It’ll have a 64-bit octa-core processor under the hood, with 3GB of RAM and a microSD card slot. There’s a 3060mAh battery that can be replaced, too.

As far as software goes, the Blackphone 2 will feature PrivatOS 1.1, which is still running over Android. Silent Circle says the software will be sectioned off, so that apps, and just about everything else, will run separate from one another. More than that, the owner can actually work in distinct “spaces,” ideally called Spaces UI. The spaces include a Personal Space, where everything personal goes, including specific documents, or the Silent Space, where nothing that the user does will be recorded. There’s an Enterprise Space, too, where all the work documentation and logs will go.

It’s no surprise that Silent Circle is focusing on both hardware and software this time around, while making sure that they don’t lose sight of their privacy and security goals. What do you think of the Blackphone 2?

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