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Cyanogen partners with Boxer for Cyanogen OS email client


Boxer announced a partnership with Cyanogen Inc. on its blog this morning that will make the popular app the default email client on all devices running Cyanogen OS, beginning with Cyanogen OS 12. As Cyanogen moves to establish itself as a more mainstream alternative to Android proper, they are going to have to fill out a stable of apps to replace the default Google options, and email seems like a logical first priority.

Boxer launched last fall on Android after enjoying success on iOS since mid-2013. The app is available as a free download in Google Play, but some premium features like Exchange support, multiple accounts, custom quick replies and custom signatures only come with a $9.99 or $14.99 in-app purchase. All premium features will be available for free on the pre-installed version in Cyanogen OS.

The app is a perfect fit for Cyanogen users as it offers an unsurpassed degree of customization, including the ability to set custom left and right swipe actions, notification sounds, specific LED colors for email accounts. The app also includes reasonably robust task management options and integration with all of the major online storage apps.

Are any of you Cyanogen OS users or are you considering giving it a shot when Cyanogen OS 12 is released?

Source: Boxer Blog

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  • d-rock

    No Play Store, no dice.

    As long as we can continue to load the gapps, eh okay.

    • dkbnyc

      That will change once Google gets tired of Cyanogen.

  • Ryan Burdick

    I’ll give it a shot