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GetHuawei contest offers the opportunity to test a new smartphone before launch


Huawei is coming on strong to start 2015 with the announcement of the impressive looking and high-end Huawei Watch along with the buzz around the April 15th event that should see the unveiling of the Ascend P8.

With all that attention on the latest devices coming out of Huawei, it’s probably safe to assume that some of you would like to get your hands on one of those products, right? Well Huawei is offering 100 opportunities for you to do just that with the GetHuawei contest on their community site. Did I mention that you will be getting the device before it’s even launched to the public? (I completely understand if you already left to go click on the necessary link to get in on this.) They don’t specify the device you will be testing beyond saying that it’s “an upcoming smartphone.”

This is an extension of Huawei’s existing “Friendly User Testing” program that puts devices in the hands of friends and family of Huawei staffers and select members of the Huawei community before they become publicly available. To be clear, you do have to return the device at the end of your testing period; you are essentially stepping into our role as reviewers, only you are going to be providing feedback directly to Huawei that could influence the final product.

If you are interested, then head over to the GetHuawei Community site to get started. Long-time AAM fans will probably recognize the gentleman named Taylor that posted the contest over there. There are 50 chances to win there if you join the site and start a discussion thread, and then another 50 available from various sites that you can find linked from the contest page.

Good luck!

Source: GetHuawei Community Blog

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