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Google adds cocktail recipes to its toolbox

image Google Now Cocktails

Google has always aimed to be the one-stop-shop for just about anything you might need to know, and for anyone who has tried to find the ingredients for the perfect cocktail that’s been slowed down by having to dig into a website, Google’s latest addition to its search results should make you plenty happy.

Google has added cocktail recipes to its search results, which means that finding how to make that perfect cocktail is just a question away. Simply launching Google and asking it, “How do I make [insert drink name here]” will have Google populate a result that not only shows you a description of the drink in question, but also the ingredients you’ll need to mix it up.

As long as Google keeps adding information, people will continue to find a need for it. Do you plan on finding out how to make your next cocktail with Google?

Source: @Google

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