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Google fires off a quick Android Wear ad before Apple Watch event


With just an hour to go before Apple clarifies what it is that they think you should be doing with their smartwatch, the Android YouTube account posted this new Android Wear ad to remind everyone that smartwatch options already abound.

The name of the video is “Wear what you want” and it closes with the now-familiar “be together. not the same.” tagline. Android sees its strength in the bountiful options available to users, and while the Apple Watch may feature an unprecedented number of choices for Apple users, it boils down to two sizes of the same watch with the only other questions being what kind of strap you like and whether you want aluminum, steel or gold.

No question the Apple Watch is going to raise the profile of Android Wear, so do you think this ad is taking the right tack or should Google be pushing a different message to make sure Android users know that they have solid smartwatch options as well?

Via: Droid-Life

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  • surethom

    Android wear need to offer us a dark theme, personally the white back ground & white writing sometimes look a bit tacky. But still think it better than the Apple watch, which is trying to be a phone on your wrist.

  • steve

    I like that method. Android should advertise the reasons that make android better. There making a poimt , that everyone with a apple watch, will look the same, where as android is customizable and know watch will look the same

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  • gbertoli

    I think Google needs to grow up a bit if they are going to take on the Apple Watch with an ad for Android Wear. Personally I didn’t get anything out of Google’s ad, and I own an Asus Zenwatch. What makes Android Wear watches better? How about touting compatibility with both Android and iOS for example….

  • TheTruthSquad

    The Apple “cheap” sport watch is $349 and the “real” watch is over $500. Besides that, you have to have a iphone 6 to use it. Apple has always been able to charge outrageous prices for their products but this is totally ridiculous. I think this time they are going to find a dry well.