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Google Hangouts updated to version 3.0 with new contact cards and more


Google Hangouts has become a staple for the company over the years, and so it’s good to see the Android app get updated with new features, especially those that not only make the app run better, but also look better.

With the latest update, which should be rolling out now, it’s mostly about the small changes that have been implemented, including a new placement for the snooze notification (which is now at the top of the navigation drawer), as well as a new “minty green” highlight color for the checkboxes. And for any users that have experienced a bug in changing the volume level while the messaging screen is up, that’s been fixed too.

There is one noteworthy new feature, though, as noted by Android Police:the inclusion of a richer contact card. The card will now pull pertinent (or what it deems pertinent) information from Google+, including contact information, profile pictures, latest interactions and more. This looks quite a bit like the new Google Contacts that was previewed just yesterday.

It’s certainly not a huge update, even if the 3.0 version number would suggest otherwise, but the new contact card is at least almost worth it on its own.

How often do you use Hangouts?

Source: Android Police

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  • Ismael

    How often? Daily. It’s my primary messaging app + sms.

    • Trevor Sullivan

      I use Google Hangouts all day, every day. It’s how I text message my friends and family.

      I wish Google would support this app as much as their new Messenger app. They need to pick a direction, rather than having multiple messaging applications.

      Trevor Sullivan
      Microsoft MVP: PowerShell

  • Nicholas Moline

    It’s my primary text and messaging app. Does this update fix the blurry contact cards on Android Wear?

  • 34565

    Most people use iMessage

  • WeaponsOfAssDestruction

    here in europe and uk, people are addicted to whatsapp and apple imessage. Nobody heared of this hangouts app i guess.