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Google introduces compare tool for auto insurance in California

Google compare auto insurance

Google keeps on creating new and useful services for helping you in everyday life. The latest of these is Google Compare for car insurance, which just launched in the state of California. To use the feature, you enter your information into the form and Google will show you estimates from various insurance companies all at once forcing you to repeat the process for each insurance provider.

I just gave it a shot and it’s quick and easy, though the results aren’t great. I got a quote from only one major car insurance provider; the rest were more unknown. I’m sure it will get better with time as more insurance companies are added, but for now the tool itself works well.

Google will roll this tool out to other states in the future and add ratings and reviews to help you make your decision. Car insurance is no fun, but Google aims to make it easier.

Source: Google

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  • surethom

    Does america not have Price Comparison sites? Here in the UK we have had loads of price comparisons sites for years, very handy for inputting data once (although a couple refuse to be listed on comparison sites)

  • Jonathan Nguyen

    Awesome news!

  • Jonathan Nguyen

    Awesome news!