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Google is unifying your photos in Drive and your email in Gmail

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Google has announced a couple updates today that will mean a significantly more streamlined experience for their photos and email products.

First up is the addition of a “Google Photos” section to Google Drive. This will include all of the photos and videos that already reside in your Google+ account. This is a logical move considering not everyone is taken with Google+ and the ability to easily access your photos through Drive makes for a much better experience for most users. Oh, and don’t worry Google+ users, you are still able to access everything through Google+ as well.

This functionality is rolling out already so you should be seeing it in the Drive app and on the web shortly.

Next up on the docket is none other than the Gmail app. Google is adding an “All Inboxes” option for those of you with a multitude of Gmail accounts (I think I’m at 8 or 9) that would like to see everything in one place. I think I’d be overwhelmed by this, but for more normal users with 2-3 accounts this seems like a much better option than jumping between accounts.

And that’s not the only trick that Gmail picked up today. Conversation view is now supported for Yahoo, and other IMAP/POP accounts that you are running through Gmail. Search has been updated with improved auto-complete to help you track down that wayward email in short order. Animations in the app are also quicker, attachment previews larger and you can now save to Drive with just a tap.

Busy day for Google properties, which update are you most excited to use?

Via: Gmail Blog

Source: Google Drive Blog

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