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Google Keep updated to include labels and recurring reminders

Google Keep

Google is sending out a fairly major new update to Google Keep that includes two long-requested features. Within Google Keep, you can now add labels and set recurring reminders. Labels have been an integral part of Gmail and at long last, the feature is making its way to Google Keep. Individual notes, lists and other content can all be labeled in all sorts of different ways, with your imagination being the limit.

Recurring reminders are an important feature that has made its way from Google Calendar to Google Keep. Gone are the days of millions of events filling up your Google Calendar with simple reminders to pay your bills or other small tasks. Instead, you can now auto-set reminders in Google Keep which will function the same way, without filling up your calendar.

While neither feature is new, per se, both are of great importance for Google Keep. The two features are extremely useful and have long been found in other to-do list and note apps. But for those looking to stay within Google’s circle, the features haven’t been available inside of Google Keep.

The update is rolling out now, but may take some time to reach your device.

Source: Android (Twitter)

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