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Google Pony Express could be the company’s next big move into finance

Google Image via: Robert Scoble's Flickr with Creative Commons.

It’s no secret that Google, among other tech-giants, wants to become a major financial player in the new connected economy. Along with Google Wallet and its upcoming Android Pay API layer, there may be a new service readying to launch out of Mountain View that would allow Gmail users to pay all of their utility bills right from their inbox.

According to a report from Re/Code, Google Pony Express is a new service that could launch from the company by Q4 of this year that would take all of your bills and allow you to sort, split and pay them directly from your inbox. Google would do this by partnering with third-party billing management firms and possibly telecommunications and utilities companies themselves as well.

If early documentation obtained by Re/Code pans out, users would simply provide a third-party entity with some personal information to confirm their identity and add a credit card number to their account to begin┬ápaying bills. With Google having access to any of this information, privacy concerns would be sure to sprout up as soon as Pony Express went live. It’s unclear how Google would profit from Pony Express, but it’s safe to assume it fits into Google’s vision for how the company wants to position itself in finance over the next several years.

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Source: Re/Code

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