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Google VPN service spotted in Android 5.1 system settings

Nexus 6 (9)

With privacy an ever-mounting concern for users on mobile, it stands to reason that people are going to be turning to VPNs in larger numbers. While we saw a simplification of the VPN process in Android 5.0, it looks like Google will be taking things a step further in the future by offering a VPN service of their own for open WiFi networks.

Pocketables noticed this in the new system application “Google Connectivity Services” and, after some exploration, they were able to launch the underling app and received the following message.


At the moment, clicking through doesn’t take you anywhere, as Google hasn’t flipped the switch on the back end for the service.

We can’t be sure when this feature may actually see the light of day or if it will be available to all, but I’m a VPN advocate, so anything that makes the process easier for the average user is a positive thing to me.

Do you use a VPN on your Android device now? And if Google was offering one built-in would you switch over to it?

Source: Pocketables

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