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Google’s Universal Music Player shows how to get one Android app on multiple form factors


Google’s Android is on a lot of different form factors out there, including smartphones, tablets, cars, watches, and televisions. It can be tough for a developer to be on all of those devices at once, but Google wants to help.

Google today released a new app called Universal Music Player that’s meant to be a reference app to help developers learn how to get an app on all of Android’s form factors. It uses several features found in Android 5.0 to let devs add support for Android phones and tablets, Android Auto, Android Wear, and Google Cast devices, all in a single codebase. With Universal Music App, Google has made an app that easily lets you control music on all of those products.

Obviously it benefits Google to have apps on its various Android platforms, including the newer ones like Android Auto and Android Wear. And it benefits app developers to be on those platforms because it gets them more exposure. It can be a pain to have to develop apps and experiences that fit with each form factor, but using Google’s reference app, devs can learn how to take their existing app , make a few tweaks, and have it be compatible with all of the form factors that Google offers.


Via: Android Developers Blog

Source: GitHub

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