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HTC on Android 5.1: GPe One devices in early April, no update for Sense One M7


If you’ve got an HTC One device and you’re wondering when it’ll get Android 5.1, I’ve got some news for you.

HTC’s Mo Versi today revealed that the current plan is to update the Google Play edition One M7 and One M8 to Android 5.1 in early April. The Sense version of the One M7 won’t be so lucky, though, as Versi says that only the GPe version of the M7 will get Android 5.1. Considering that the One M8 is one year newer, it seems likely that its Sense model will get the 5.1 update at some point.

If you’re wondering about the HTC Advantage in regards to the Sense One M7, Versi has an answer. He says that HTC has updated the One M7 for up to two years “from an OS standpoint.”

The news that the Sense version of the One M7 is definitely a bit of a bummer, but at least it recently got bumped up to Android 5.0.2 and got some new software goodies in the process. That means that your device should be compatible with Android apps for a good while, and you still get to enjoy Material Design goodness as well.

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