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HTC unveils Uh Oh Protection for the One M9 and select One M8s


HTC has officially revealed its Uh Oh Protection for the HTC One M9 and select HTC One M8s. HTC launched its HTC Advantage program with the goal in mind of giving customers a little extra in addition to their smartphone. One of the perks of HTC Advantage was a free cracked screen replacement within the first six months of owning the phone. Uh Oh Protection takes that idea and goes further with it.

Uh Oh Protection is a new program that will come with the One M9 and is extended towards HTC One M8s purchased after March 25, 2015. If your HTC phone falls victim to a cracked screen or water damage within the first 12 months of owning it, HTC will send you a free replacement. HTC will also replace your One M9 or One M8 if you’re switching to a different carrier and need a supported model. HTC Uh Oh Protection lasts for the first 12 months of ownership, and if you don’t use it, HTC will give you a $100 credit towards the next HTC One device.

The program is great perk to offer to customers. The amount of people who damage their phone is mind-boggling, and HTC Uh Oh Protection covers the two main forms of damage. Additionally, giving you a new model when switching carriers will be a huge boon for customers looking for a new deal. At the moment, Uh Oh Protection is only available to the One M9 and One M8s purchased after March 25, with no official word on it coming to other phones. With a program like this, however, we can easily see it being bundled with HTC Advantage in the future.

Show Press Release
Bellevue, WA, March 18, 2015 — Because bad things happen to good smartphones, HTC America Inc. unveils UH OH™ Protection, a new industry-leading initiative that protects U.S. customers who purchase the new HTC One M9 against life’s uh-oh moments. UH OH Protection includes one free replacement within the first 12 months for a cracked screen, water damage or if you decide to switch carriers.

HTC UH OH Protection provides consumers who damage their new HTC One M9 with an untimely fall onto the pavement or into a toilet with a free phone replacement within 12 months of purchase. Consumers who don’t take advantage of UH OH Protection within the first 12 months will receive $100 towards the purchase of a future HTC One.

“With the HTC One M9, we didn’t stop with creating an award-winning smartphone and amazing user experiences. We created an innovative new program that ensures the best phone on the market stays that way,” said Jason Mackenzie, president of HTC Americas. “We want our customers to have the confidence to use their new HTC One and the peace of mind that HTC has your back if something unfortunate happens to it.”

Based on a Google Insights Survey conducted in March 2015 with individuals that had damaged their smartphone:

  • 69% of respondents said they have damaged their phone in the past 12 months, and
  • 47% of those that have repaired their phone spent $100 or more, while
  • 25% are currently using a damaged phone

“While other smartphone companies look at uh-oh moments as a way to profit off of you, we are focused on adding value to owning an HTC One. If you don’t need UH OH Protection, we are going to give you $100 off your next HTC One,” said Mackenzie. “If something does happen, we’re going to take care of you – quickly.”

How UH OH Protection Works

UH OH Protection is automatically provided with HTC One M9, which will be going on sale soon. With a call to HTC Care at 1 (866) 449-8358, an HTC Care team member will arrange to overnight a replacement phone. It is a simple and hassle-free process.

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Source: HTC Newsroom

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